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Picture driving westbound

on July 25, 2008

Children, especially the very young, are constantly growing and developing in every way. This is for their safety, and the safety of others. For instance, if you drive you should always have sunglasses handy. Protecting their eyes with sunglasses from the start will reduce the damage they will pay for later in life. I went out the other day, its summer here, and I noticed a ton of people wearing sunglasses. I was looking at all the people who were wearing them and it got me thinking. How many of these people wear them just to look cool? Most people who are conscious about their vision and want to protect it should wear sunglasses. However, there are certain groups of individuals that should especially wear sunglasses. Whether you are driving your own vehicle or a bus full of people, the sun can be your enemy. Picture driving westbound down the highway at 6:00 PM, coming up over a hill and being pelted in the face with the sun’s glaring rays. Never mind regular drivers, how about professional drivers…. Furthermore, children should be taught from an early age to wear sunglasses.

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