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From very young

on July 25, 2008

I found the whole lock smith interesting, I wish I had considered it when I was younger. It is not the first time I got locked out either. I should have remembered to take my keys. Nevertheless, I learned a few things today as well even if it was the hard way. From very young I taught myself to remember to take everything before I leave the house. The most important thing to take before leaving the house is keys. Forgetting your keys can be a hassle. Well I learned the hard way. I got locked out of my apartment on the weekend. I called a locksmith to open the door for me. I realized I few things when he came. One is that locksmiths are very expensive. I also realized that Locksmiths have to put actually invest several thousands of dollars into their tools and equipment. They may start out in the hundreds, but the cost will grow as the business grows. So as the locksmith was working, I asked a few questions about how this man ran his business. Aside from the normal tools of the trade, such as key blanks and a key making machine, a locksmith must break down the types of key blanks into different categories and buy other items to go along with these. Key blanks come as at least six different types of residential blanks, ten brands of commercial key blanks, and automotive key blanks for domestic and foreign vehicles.

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