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Found bed bugs at the hotel

Was traveling in New york a few weeks ago and it seems like I brought home some bed bugs….Perfect, that is exactly what I needed. I found out how they look here. I guess now I have to get help in exterminating. I will you guys posted on that how that goes.

I read at iconignite.com that bed bugs are very difficult to get rid off. My wife agrees and trust me neither of us likes getting in the morning with bites. Who does?

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What is Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is a blending of the traditional healing arts with modern medical science. Utilizing the best of what both systems have to offer, Naturopathic Doctors can help you recover from illness and attain optimal health. When evaluating your situation to determine the best plan of action, N.D.’s turn to the Philosophy of Naturopathic Medicine. Read the rest of this entry »

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Is Naturopathic Medicine right for you?

Have you seen too many doctors with no relief from your symptoms?
Do you want to eliminate the root of your illness?
Are you concerned about drug side effects?
Do you want to take charge of your health?
Do you want optimal health?
Are you confused about which dietary supplements to take?
Do you want a doctor who really listens?
Are you tired of being treated for your symptoms, instead of as a person?

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